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In the city of Columbia there are over 17,000 African American students who attend USC, Midlands Tech, Columbia College, Benedict College and Allen University. It is our heart’s desire that each of these students have an opportunity to meet Jesus, know Him and grow in their faith. Upon meeting His first disciples, Jesus said this, "come follow me." This invitation sparked their imagination, aroused their sense of adventure, pointed them towards purpose and changed the world in the process. Here in Downtown Columbia we would like to offer that exact same invitation of doing life together and altering the world around us. Welcome to Young Life College!

Young Life College is a ministry which aims is to develop Christ centered community that's appealing to young adults who are navigating the college experience. Our aim is to build and establish lasting relationships which will point young adults towards a deeper faith and their ultimate purpose. We seek to strengthen those who are already Christians and to become missionaries to those who aren't.

How do we do this:

It all starts with our YL College leaders. They are students themselves who have a desire to serve and to do life with their peers on college campuses. Their goal is to offer someone who's invested in building authentic, healthy relationships. The first phase of this is called contact.

Contact is when members on the YL college team initiate relationships by simply going where other college students are and joining them. This can be done over coffee, at an intramural football game, or just hanging out on campus. The goal here is to be relational above everything else by taking interest in what others take interest in. Eventually the conversations get longer, the relationships go deeper and lives are changed.


 Young Life College Events​

Young Life College is a much needed escape during the week. It is a great community to be a part of for some good ole fashion fun every week. It is also a great resource to have a place to learn about life through Gods word. Ashley Simpson

A party with a purpose where students will play games, sing music and hear the gospel proclaimed.

Bible study

A weekly gathering where students will get to study the bible and get real world application that will guide them as they desire to learn more and walk out their faith.

Family Dinner

A monthly outreach gathering where students can eat food, play games and fellowship with students.

Game Nights

A monthly outreach gathering where we will host organized large group games for students to come in and be a part of the Young Life College community.

​Young Life College Camping​​

I was going to a study session and happen to walk into the wrong room. Everyone in the room was so welcoming I instantly felt comfortable. I started going to events that next week and haven’t stopped going since. Somoya Foy
New Years Camp

A 4-5 day trip to a Young Life Camp into the new year filled with fun activities like zip lining, horseback riding, and go-carts that promote community and team building. They will attend four Clubs where they hear the gospel proclaimed,have an opportunity to begin a relationship with Christ, and worship their way into the new year.

Spring Break Trip

A Five day trip to Sandestin resort in Destin, Florida where we will be in community with college students from all over the south east in Club, small group, relaxing and enjoying the city.

Work Week 

A five day trip to a Young Life Camp where college students will get to help prepare the camp property for the camping season and be in community with college students from all over the Carolinas. 


Jesus made an undeniable impact on the world by inviting people into friendship, adventure and servanthood, in Young Life College we will do the same!​

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There is a world of College students who are waiting for someone; anyone to ask them how they are doing and my prayer is that the Lord uses Young Life College to show his love to students through their college years. Cortnie Stuppard


​​Cortnie Stuppard 
Young Life College Director
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